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  • Who wants to end dull, dry, boring training?
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  • Do you believe that training is a process, not an event?
  • Would you agree with Bob that the fundamental purpose of any training performance improvement process is to achieve results?

Welcome to Bob Pike’s “Training & Performance Forum” – a membership site for those who want to add value and make a difference!

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Fresh ideas for Opening, Closing, Revisiting, and Energizing — what Bob calls “Getting to the CORE of Training.”

Most trainers don’t open; they just start talking. It’s critical to break preoccupation through relevant involvement.

And most trainers don’t close — they just run out of time. Closing celebrates and insures that each person leaves with an action plan.  This is critical to transfer of training after the program. And many trainers close by asking people to fill out the evaluation form — which kills the energy that the training has generated.

Revisiting is key – 6 times for important content, but most trainers don’t revisit — they review.

Most classes lose energy at one time or another…and many trainers are stuck for a way to get that energy back.

But not anymore!  Every month you get fresh, news, ideas, tips, tactics, and strategies that help you design and deliver training that gets results!

  • A new opener – every month!
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  • Interviews with Learning Leaders
  • A place to connect and network.
  • Reviews of books, software, equipment, and more than can increase the impact of your training.
  • And much, much more!!!

Training is a process, not an event.  And the fundamental purpose of training is to get results. And that is what Creative Training Techniques is committed to helping you do — increase the impact of your training and performance improvement.

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