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BRIGHT IDEAS?  Stop Procrastinating

BRIGHT IDEAS?  Stop Procrastinating

Take a moment to play back the last two weeks in your mind. Chances are, those 14 days included some great training moments. What made those moments powerful? Was it the creative way you approached a difficult subject? The humor you interjected into dry subject matter?

Now, it’s time to capture those training gems on paper. Your notes don’t have to be neat; we’ll tidy them up for you. Just send them to us at CTT today! Here’s how:


We want ALL your best ideas, but we’re especially interested in:

Ways to incorporate humor into training. How do you make training fun? Can you share humorous stories, skits, jokes or cartoons you use to illustrate learning points?

Evaluating training’s effectiveness. We’re getting more requests for insightful evaluation strategies. Level I (Did they like it?) and Level II (Did they learn it?) tips are great, but what about Level III (Did they use it back on the job?) and Level IV (Did it impact the company’s bottom line?) evaluation methods? Can you share any useful techniques or ways you’re employing technology to make the process less time-intensive? The more detail you can provide, such as sample questions or forms, the better.

“Health Corner” tips. Training often requires abnormal amounts of physical energy and mental endurance. Do you have tips for keeping energy levels up? Any vitamin, exercise or stress-reduction suggestions? How about foods that help you hold up during those long hours on your feet?

Topical training, including great ideas that don’t fit perfectly into our other categories:

  • computer skills
  • customer-service training
  • orientation
  • sales training
  • management training
  • train-the-trainer sessions
  • virtual training

PLEASE INCLUDE your name, organization, title, phone number, address and e-mail address, so that we can be sure to attribute your ideas properly.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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