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You Know Its True…

You Know Its True…

You have ideas so good they ought to be shared. You know you do. Chances are, you invented a couple of new ones on your way to this page. Send them to us.

We’ll help you spread your great ideas to your training peers, where they can do the most good.

E Mail contributions to Bob Pike

Consider (but don’t limit yourself to) these categories:

  • Sources of information on technology, and ways to better apply digital resources.
  • Delivery: Tips for polishing your presentation and smoothing your delivery.
  • Evaluation: Ideas for testing whether training meets trainers’ and students’ expectations.
  • Needs Analysis: How do you determine whether your presentation is not only teaching, but teaching the materials attendees want and need?
  • Product Recommendations: Training tools you’ve discovered that others should know about.
  • Instructional Design: Techniques for making sessions more efficient, effective, and educational.
  • Topical Training: Great ideas that don’t fit perfectly in our other categories. Computer skills, customer service training, orientation, sales training, management training, train-the-trainer, and more.
  • Openers & Energizers: What do you do to get people excited at the beginning of your session … or right after lunch … or after that long section on technical terminology? Tell us how you get the troops ready to march onward.

Be sure to include your name, organization, title, phone number, address, and e-mail address with all submissions

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