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Real Trainers, Real Techniques

Real Trainers, Real Techniques

Every training idea in this issue comes to you from the front lines of the training world — not coincidentally, where you are right now — so you know they work.

Send your tried and true classroom techniques to

Consider (but don’t limit yourself to) these categories:

  • Sources of information on technology, and ways to better apply electronic resources.
  • Humor: Cartoons, funny stories, intriguing anecdotes with training messages.
  • Delivery: Tips for polishing your presentation and smoothing your delivery.
  • Evaluation: Ideas for testing whether training meets trainers’ and students’ expectations.
  • Needs Analysis: How do you determine whether your presentation is not only teaching, but teaching the materials attendees want and need?
  • Product recommendations: Training tools you’ve discovered that others should know about.
  • Instructional design: Techniques for making sessions more efficient, effective, educational.
  • Topical training: Great ideas that don’t fit perfectly in our other categories. Computer skills, customer service training, orientation, sales training, management training, train-the-trainer, and more.
  • Openers & Energizers: What do you do to get people excited at the beginning of your session … or right after lunch … or after that long section on technical terminology? Tells us how you get the troops ready to march onward.

Be sure to include your name, organization, title, phone number, address, and e-mail address with all submissions. Include date of printing and name of publication with all cartoon selections.

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