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Share Your Ideas!

Share Your Ideas!

Creative? Share Your Best Ideas with Thousands of Training Colleagues!

Want to see your name in print?

Better still, want to see it at the end of a great idea thousands of your col­leagues will see and appreciate?

Send us your best train­ing ideas, and we’ll do our best to make that fantasy a reality for you. And we’ll be grateful, too.

Just send your idea to with the subject line: “Great Training Idea”.

Consider (but don’t limit yourself to) these categories:

  • Sources of information on technology, and ways to apply electronic resources.
  • Humor: Cartoons, funny stories, intriguing anecdotes with training messages.
  • Delivery: Tips for polishing your presentation and smoothing your delivery.
  • Evaluation: Ideas for testing whether training meets trainers’ and students’ expectations.
  • Needs Analysis: How do you determine whether your presentation is not only teaching, but teaching the materials attendees want and need?
  • Product recommendations: Training tools you’ve discovered that others should know about.
  • Instructional design: Techniques for making ses­sions more efficient, effective, educational.
  • Topical training: Great ideas that don’t fit perfectly in our other categories. Computer skills, customer service training, orientation, sales training, management training, train-the-trainer, and more.

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