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July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

A Few Words from Bob

Time to Take Our Own Advice and “Break Out of the Box”

Have you ever found a solution to a problem and then started believing it was the only solution, instead of just one of many possible solutions?

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We Want Your Best Training Tips!

We’re searching for detailed training tips in the following categories. If you have solutions or ideas, please send them to Bob Pike via email: using the subject line: TPF Tips.

We’re looking for tips on:

  • Ways to incorporate humor in your training classes.
  • How do you make training fun? Can you share humorous stories, skits, jokes, or cartoons you use to illustrate learning points?
  • We’d also like to hear the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while delivering training.
  • Training telephone support associates. As more companies increase the size of call centers and help desks, training new associates to staff these areas is a growing need. Any suggestions for delivering effective training to people whose job it is to train others over the phone?
  • Developing training courses for distance learning. More and more companies are looking at distance learning technologies: webinars, videoconference networks, e-learning, electronic performance support— as viable training options, but many are running into roadblocks trying to design courses that make optimal use of these technologies. Any suggestions on how to start?


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