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We Want Your Training Tips, Suggestions!

We Want Your Training Tips, Suggestions!

It is hard to pick up a newspaper these without reading about the potential merger of yet two more telecommunication giants, the development of a faster, more powerful microprocessor, or how advance in information technology will change the way we work and live. But what does it all mean for trainers?
In the Technology for Training department, Training and Performance Newsletter is stepping up its efforts to answer that question, and we need your help. We’re looking for field-tested tips on:
1. Using computers and software programs in training.
2. Using computer software programs to create classroom training materials.
3. Using technology to help you successfully manage the training function.
4. Navigating the Internet, especially finding training-related bulletin boards or news groups that allow you to share training ideas – especially Linked-in and Facebook groups.
5. Using distance learning technology, such as interactive TV or desktop video conferencing.
6. New products or services you’ve had success with.
Email your submissions to: with Technology in Training as the subject line. Please include details with your submissions about the kind of computer and software you use.

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