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Tips Wanted!

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Tips Wanted!

Remember that it is our members that make this monthly collection of ideas rich – so please contribute.  Consider (but don’t limit yourself to) these categories:

  • Sources of information on technology, and ways to better apply electronic resources. Have you distributed materials successfully over the Internet? Do you know of a trainers’ goldmine on the internet? It’s a frontier to most of us, so let’s explore it together.
  • Ways to incorporate humor in your training sessions. How do you make training fun? Can you share humorous stories, skits, jokes, or cartoons you use to illustrate learning points? (For cartoons, please include when and where they were published.)
  • Openers and energizers. What techniques do you employ to keep students attentive and enthusiastic? Do you have an unfailing method for starting a training day out right?
  • Delivery ideas. Share your staging tips. Share how you transform “lectures” into “performances.”
  • Evaluating training’s effectiveness. We’re getting lots of requests for insightful evaluation strategies. Level (did they like it?) and Level 2 (did they learn it?) evaluation tips are always welcome, but how about Level 3 (did they use it back on the job?) and Level 4 (did it impact the company’s bottom line?) evaluation methods?
  • Product recommendations. Have you discovered a new tool or technology your peers could benefit from? Tell us where to find it and why it’s great.
  • Instructional design. Do you have shortcuts or tips for developing curriculum for just-in-time learning, team-based training, or computer based training?
  • Topical training. Whether your niche is customer service, computer training, sales training, or something else, we want to hear about it. What techniques have you used that are perfect for your unique situation?

Be sure to include your name, organization, title, phone number, address, and e-mail address if you have one with all submissions. Send them to with “TPF submission” in the subject line.

  1. Great ideas and I’ve always enjoyed the tips shared by other professionals!

    Do you have a special form for submitting tips? I have a tip I’d like to share now … for clarifying content in a 1/2 or full day workshop draw out a mind map and show how the sections connect. Then at the end of the workshop ask participants to share a point of learning from that mind map (which was posted on a flip chart on the wall). Sometimes I’m surprised at how the visual image brings out more content from the workshop.

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